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Total Solutions for
Human Better-Being

We strive to become a company that provides the best solutions
so that people can live healthier and more beautiful lives.

Daebong LS specializes in cosmetics and pharmaceutical raw materials and is committed to our mission to be “a company that provides the best solutions to enable people to live healthier and more beautiful lives” Through our “Total Solutions for Human Better-Being”, we work to improve the Quality of Life (QoL) for all human beings.

  • Cosmetic Ingredients

    Eco-Green Process cosmetics Ingredients developed with eco-friendly manufacturing process that exclude chemicals as much as possible, and Bio-synthesis Dermo cosmetics Ingredients such as multi functional whitening, wrinkle improvement and UV blocking; and Professional Cosmetic Ingredients are also incorporated in our hair and amino derivatives. Daebong LS strives to meet the needs of our customers by providing One-Stop Service Solutions based on our Formulation, higher levels of Regulation, managing the relationships within our Value Chain and our industrial, institutional Networks.

  • Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

    We develop the API of major anti-aging, respiratory, hypertension and digestive-system treatments and medicines and supply excipients to domestic companies as an agent for global companies. We are also able to meet the demands of our customers as we provide a Total Service by supplying the pharmaceutical technologies we have developed through our collaboration with top Formulation ventures to our client companies.


    We manufacture and distribute functional products including antioxidants, whitening and liver supplements with the amino L-Cystine, L-Cystine hydrochloride and other ingredients developed by our company. In addition, we also provide eco-friendly feed including the proteins and essential vitamins that are important for farming the fish we eat in order to improve digestion and absorption rates when consumed by humans.