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Total Solutions for
Human Better-Being

Our company works to provide the best solutions
for people’s health and beauty
Daebong LS President and CEOJin-Oh Park

While studying medical science, I saw how important it was for doctors to work with patients,
but I wondered if it would also be possible to follow a different path that takes this knowledge of
medicine to create another virtuous cycle structure that could help people.

With this in mind, as a doctor, I decided that the most important needs of human life could be met
through the development of medicines, cosmetics and innovative research related to food.

Unlike finished products, basic materials are not directly known to the consumer and therefore do
not receive much attention in the spotlight. Basic material research, however, is essential to
sustaining human life. We are thus committed to performing our research and development
with the hope of enabling our children, parents, friends, and colleagues to lead healthier and
more beautiful lives.

The roots of Daebong LS grew from love (愛) for humankind. We are a company that performs
research and provides services while promoting the values of creating safe and sustainable
environments to enrich people’s lives through our commitment to the spirit of 他利我得 (Benefitting others benefits ourselves).

Our experts in the fields of medicine, pharmacology, chemistry, bio-life sciences, natural material science and oceanography are dedicated to improving the lives of human beings by working to find solutions for even the smallest problems people do not often think about. This is accomplished through the Innovative Collaboration of these experts who are committed to the betterment of life.

Daebong LS pledges to be a company that engages the world by positioning itself in the forefront of innovation within the fields of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Thank you for your interest and support!