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1980.05.28 Established "Hanjin Fine Chemical" in Bucheon Produced Sodium Bromate(PAT. No. 10101)
1981.06.05 Produced Ammonium Thioglycolate(PAT. No. 16456)
1983.11.24 Moved to 231-2, Nai-dong, Bucheon Produced new brand "FINCOL"
1984.05.25 Published the book about hair
1985.10.23 Produced high concentrated neutralizer for permanent wave(PAT. No. 20168) Produced new brand "EMOL"
1986.07.08 Established "Daebong co., ltd" to manufacture and wholesale raw materials of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, Food additives.
1989.06.21 Established sister company "Beebong Susan" in Jeju-do
1989.10 Exported "FINCOL" to Malaysia
1993.10.06 Started to build a new CGMP factory at 692-8 Kojan-dong, Namdong-ku, Inchon
1995.02.24 Completely built CGMP factory
2000.01.01 Manufactured import and sale of raw materials which are Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, and Food additives to the specialized and information - intensive. Export L-cystein Hcl H2O and NAC etc to Japan, U.S.A about US$600,000, $400,000
2000.01.01 Installed Groupware System
2000.04.08 Changed the company name into Daebong LS Co., LTD.
2000.12.31 Installed ERP System
2002.05.28 B(Bulk)GMP Certificate acquired
2003.12.01 Laboratory established
2004.01 L-Cysteine HCL H2O exported to Taiwan
2004.02.02 Corporate registered on FSC List
2004.09.30 Prosperous SMC chosen by SBC
2005.05.19 Chosen as a Venture Company (Incheon SBC)
2005.06 Exported to China (ERDOSTEINE)
2005.12.21 Went public (KOSDAQ)
2006.09 Selected by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy for developing core technology in collaboration
2007.02 L-Cystine exported to Vietnam
2007.03 Patented a method for manufacturing Rosiglitazone
Patented a method for manufacturing Pioglitazone
2008.03 Started to produce contrast medium
2008.12 Synthesized Olmesartan
2009.03 Investment in Daebong LF
2009.11 Developed Alpha-melight, a new functional Cosmetic ingredient
2013.04.01 Jongho Park(CEO) has awarded industry prize on the fisherman's day