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1971.02 Graduated Seoul Nation University College of Pharmacy


1971.01 Acquired pharmacist license in the 25th Pharmacist Exam


1971.03 ~ 1979.12 Deputy manager of Development Department at Dongshin Pharmaceutical


1980.01 ~ Present Bibong Fine Co., Ltd.


1984.05.20 Wrote and published Hair Encyclopedia


1986.07 ~ 2003.03 CEO of Daebong LS Co., Ltd.


1989.06 ~ Present CEO of Bibong Marine Products


1996 President of KCIC


2013.04.01 Jongho Park(CEO) has awarded industry prize on ¡®the fisherman's day

I was born in the remote countryside in the mountain range of Mt. Jiri in Bongok Samok-ri, Jigok-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongnam.
When I was in middle school, in the early morning I used to feed the cow which was our family¡¯s only asset and then go to school, and when I came back home from school, I helped in the fields until it was dark and ate supper and studied under a dim lamp, half asleep and half awake. I thought a lot about how I could get out of that hard farm work. I couldn't avoid it because my parents worked in the fields day and night but I felt too tired to work like them. The answer was to become a scientist and I often dreamed of inventing a machine that could create rice and other crops.

Upon my graduation from the Jinju High School, I applied to enter the chemical engineering department of Seoul University which was then known as the best, but I failed to enter. I entered the pharmacy department instead since I thought that it would be closer to fulfilling my dreams and in college I studied a lot about synthesizing chemical substances. Pharmacy is composed of academic areas of drug products such as injections, tablets, capsules, syrups, and ointments so that drugs would be effective in the human body, and academic areas of material drugs that deal with extracting effective substances from animals and plants or making new materials that have medicinal effects through fertilization or chemical synthesis. I graduated college having transformed my dream of making a machine that can create rice by converting it into a dream of making a new material for medicine. After graduation I entered Dongshin Pharmaceutical to contribute to development of the pharmaceutical material area but Korea¡¯s level of science and the company¡¯s economic conditions at that time weren¡¯t sufficient to develop new materials, and so we put our efforts into developing technology for synthesizing raw material so that we wouldn¡¯t have to import them from abroad to develop generic drugs and we succeeded in developing about 30 raw materials for drugs.

When I was working as a deputy manager of the development department at Dongshin Pharmaceutical, a friend of mine visited me and asked that I give technical support for the development of small companies. I thought that I wished to fulfill my dreams with the technology I¡¯ve been able to obtain during my work in synthesizing raw materials for medicine. I established the Bibong Fine, which is the parent body of Daebong LS, with the technology for synthesizing sodium bromide. At present, Bibong Fine conducts business as a supplier of OEM cosmetics and Daebong LS handles about 400 items by producing and making sales mainly in the raw material business of food additives, cosmetics, and medicine. Though I¡¯ve not been able to create a new material which was my dream, I believe that I¡¯ve established a foundation to fulfill that dream. People who will lead after me will one day fulfill my dream and register their new drug in the Merck Index under the name of Daebong LS and make Korea proud as the first company in the world to create that material.

When I first established our company, I had two goals to fulfill.
I chose the motto, ¡®Benefit others to benefit yourself¡¯ and completed our company¡¯s 7 management principles and 10 corporate creeds based on this spirit. In other words, a company aims to create large profits to distribute among its members and to pay its contributions to society, but the process itself should be in a way that would benefit others, and if a company fails to do so, that company has no reason to exist, and I am confident that this spirit will be passed on to the coming generations of our company.