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Our company was established in 1986 and since then we¡¯ve been a manufacturer and supplier of raw materials for medicine, cosmetics, and food additives and we are the only company in Korea to do business in all three areas at the same time.

Until the 1990¡¯s medicine, cosmetics, and food additives were operated separately in Korea and there was a distinct border between the three fields. But in the 2000¡¯s, they were combined into our group since they have in common the fact that they are all used in people and they were combined a long time ago in advanced nations.   

To correspond to this global trend, doctors, pharmacists, chemists, and bio engineers at our company have for 15 years been doing research and development on raw materials for medicine, cosmetics, and food additives to ¡°make products that anyone can eat and use safely and effectively¡±.

We are also in partnership with multinational corporations such as BASF, COGNIS, BRUNO BOCK, and DAICEL and our central research center maximizes the synergic effect by implementing our own research with technology from overseas. 

Not only have we acquired the BGMP approval, been selected as a Promising Small Business, and acquired approval as a Venture Business with New Technology, but we've also been able to export our raw materials to America, Japan, China, and Taiwan, and our technology is recognized throughout the world.

I think this was only possible because of our employees and all those in the industry who have given us their interest and love.

We are currently maintaining growth of 20% every year and we will continue to maintain a two digit growth and will do our best to become a leading company in raw materials for medicine, cosmetics, and food additives not only in the domestic market, but in the global market as well.