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Daebong LS Convergence Technology Lab focuses on
the development of raw materials and intermediate materials for
pharmaceuticals, food additives and cosmetics while pursuing the R&D
of superior products that promote better lives.

Convergence Technology Lab Mission and Vision


Total Solution
For Customer Value
In Human Life


Providing the best service
through a commitment to
continuous research
and development.

API Raw Material Synthesis Research

  1. Development of high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates
  2. Development of products with competitive pricing for localization of active pharmaceutical ingredients and advancement into the global market
  3. Development of differentiated products based on diverse experiences and synthesis ability

Major Research Fields and Application technique

  • Antihistamines
    • High temperature, High pressure reactions
    • Polymorphism
  • Antitussive Expectorants
    • Hydrolysis
    • separation and refining technology
    • Polymorphism
  • Antidiabetic treatments
    • Amide synthesis
    • Hydrolysis
    • Optically active isomer separation purification
    • Asymmetric catalyst technology
    • Polymorphism
  • Anticoagulants
    • Amide synthesis
    • Hydrolysis
    • Optically active isomer separation purification
    • Asymmetric catalytic technology
    • Polymorphism
  • Hypertension Treatments
    • Suzuki coupling
    • Hydrolysis
    • Polymorphism

R&D Process

Generic API Development strategy

  • Marketing

    Joint targeting of Japanese generic market and domestic market / Opening and sharing business operations and strategies with customers

  • Needs

    Selection of products according to strategy and differentiation schemes / Ensuring formulation compliance / Differentiated raw material synthesis to meet BD, particle size, solubility, needs

  • Timing

    Timely delivery in conjunction with development / Client scheduled at least 5 ~ 7 years before patent expiration

  • Patent

    Overtaking technologies of companies with preceding and subsequent patents and establishing independent processes / patent guaranty enforcement

  • Price

    Ensuring competitiveness of pricing / Establish partnerships with raw material suppliers

  • Quality

    High-quality raw material synthesis / GMP response with starting materials