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To open of Daebong LS.¸ Ltd. homepage

등록일 : 2000.05.02
I greatly appreciate Ji-Won Lee and Jin-Uk Lee who are
belonging to computer team for their efforts to open
Daebong LS.¸ Ltd. homepage in Queen of the season May¸
also¸ Congratulations to open homepage of Daebong LS.¸ Ltd.
We have seen to open a National communications network by
Government before also¸ we cannot but join information-
oriented society regardless of our decision. It is more
pleasure to supply major technology and information of
Daebong LS.¸ Ltd. than to go to sea after learning swim.
We hope to take common information in the sea of
information then to make your knowledge.
We 'Daebong LS.¸ Ltd.' promise that we're always respect
life of all kinds of organism including human being to be
friendly between life and environment and to proceed
valuable corporation.
Thank you for visit our homepage and we do our best support
you whenever you want to find useful information.
Thank you!!!